The Doctor Next Door

"I am Doctor Madangel, Licensed Necromancer for the city-state of Prima Terra. My job title carries a phenomenal amount of suspicion, hatred and an altogether bad reputation. But when the crime at hand is murder by necromancy, the city guard is usually interested in hearing what I have to say."

Follow alongside the feared and famous Doctor Madangel as he is compelled to assist the city guard in a murder investigation where he's not only an independent consultant for the local law enforcement, he is also a prime suspect. After all, he happens to live next door to the scene of the crime.

Scalpel and Fang

"I received such a cordial greeting from the butler who opened the front door. Such a pleasant beginning to what I would later describe as an evening of pretentious idiocy and rampant chaos."

In this story, Doctor Madangel explores the strange and volatile world of a high-society social gathering. All the richest and most influential people are in attendance to watch a former classmate of Madangel's unveil a brand new kind of business: the creation and sale of human pets.