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The Man of Nightstone

Sometimes the lesser evil is the crazier man.

A daring bounty hunter, Althadis, who claims to be one of the world's most skilled sorcerers, has come to the city-state of Pallos announcing that he's hot on the trail of the Whisper, the world's most infamous assassin.

No one has ever escaped Whisper's blade or seen his face. And if that doesn't already make his job difficult enough, the day he arrives in Pallos an unfortunate coincidence of events puts Althadis at odds with the city guard who immediately suspect the bounty hunter is up to no good. Also, when word of the large bounty spreads to the criminal underworld, an ambitious gang leader begins to chase after the prize.

After learning Whisper's next victim is a member of a clandestine group called Darkest Hour, Althadis must find a way into their next gathering if he's to have any hope of catching the killer before it's too late.

However, what both the lawmen and the criminals of Pallos will come to find out is that, while he may be crazy, Althadis was not bragging about his uncanny skill. In fact, he may be the most powerful sorcerer in the world.

And what Althadis will eventually discover about Whisper's identity might be the most shocking secret of all.

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